We are starting up in October of 2019 with one single product. the "Yang 2020 Primary Card". This is a 6-inch by 9-inch card/flyer with "Yang 2020 Humanity First" on the front and a list of the 2020 Democratic States and Dates on the back.

They are printed at a Asian family owned union print shop and shipped from San Francisco. For now, we are using US Postal Service shipping.

This is a lean startup one-product test to see what works. We will rapidly scale up to many choices of pre-printed campaign materials - signs, flyers, brochures, info-cards, buttons etc. Act fast and be the first Yang Ganger in your region to get the original "first edition" Yang 2020 Primary Cards!

Side 1 6 inch by 9 inch Primary Card Side 2


We work with Better World Printing Services (betterworldprinting.com) for Yang Gangers that want to have their own custom designed materials printed. Better World Printing has standard sizes, quantities and prices on its website. It only requires that high resolution art files be provided for your custom print project. Shipping is by UPS and can be calculated by the job for anywhere in the USA.



This is an example of a custom 8.5 by 11 inch flyer

Click of the flyer to see it as a full size PDF.